Health Care Services the Whole Family Can Count On

At In Your Best Interest Medical Clinic, Inc., we specialize in family and bariatric medicine and our goal is to provide the best care available to each patient every day through integrated clinical practice, education, and research. Our staff is qualified to care and treat a broad spectrum of health care needs. We offer a convenient and professional setting to provide care for patients of all ages.

Recognizing that our patients have busy lives and hectic schedules, we strive to provide necessary medical care without compromising the quality of that treatment by offering flexible appointment.

Our health care services include:

  • Preventive Care and Education
  • Adult Medicine
  • Geriatric Health
  • Children and Adolescent Health
  • Treatment of Acute Illnesses
  • Management of Chronic Medical Conditions
  • Same Day Sick Appointments

In addition to health care services, we want to help you reach your potential in athletic ability. That's why Dr. Wilson added a performance center to the clinic for athletes and non-athletes. He measures current performance levels of individuals by offering VO2 max and metabolism testing. After taking their test scores into account, Dr. Wilson makes recommendations to help individuals reach their personal goals and/or improve their athletic performance.


We are currently accepting new patients. Please call us at 909-798-6524 to schedule an appointment. Once you make an appointment, that time will be reserved for you. If, for some reason, you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment time, please call us to reschedule as soon as possible.


We accept most major health insurance plans. Please familiarize yourself with your insurance plan, paying close attention to co-pays, referral requirements, emergency care, participating hospitals, pharmacies, and diagnostic imaging facilities.

Coverage limitations are dependent on individual group contracts. Please contact your insurance carrier directly for specific questions about your insurance coverage.